About the Delaware Perinatal Quality Collaborative

The Delaware Perinatal Quality Collaborative (DPQC) is a state network of birthing institutions working to improve the quality of care for mothers and babies in Delaware.  The DPQC members identify health care processes that need to be improved and use the best available methods to make changes as quickly as possible.

Initiatives to Transform Quality

QI initiatives are multidisciplinary, systems-focused, data-driven methods of understanding and improving the efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of health processes and care outcomes. QI initiatives are utilized to reduce quality gaps (differences between health care processes or outcomes observed in practice and those potentially obtainable based on current evidence-based knowledge) for groups of patients.*

*Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2004.

Obstetrical Hemorrhage

The DPQC has spent the last two years, addressing the response to obstetrical hemorrhages with the goal of preventing or decreasing the severity of OBH in Delaware and as such contributing to reductions in severe maternal morbidity (SMM).

Alliance for the Innovation of Maternal Health

AIM works through state teams and health systems to align national, state, and hospital level quality improvement efforts to improve overall maternal health outcomes. DPQC is providing AIM training throughout the state.

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NICHQ supports state perinatal quality collaboratives in their efforts to improve statewide maternal and infant healthcare and health outcomes. Learn which states are involved and the quality improvement principles to address gaps in care.

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