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Delaware is an AIM state. Learn more about AIM practices and gather resources to share with providers, public health professionals, and cross-sector stakeholders.

NICHQ supports state perinatal quality collaboratives in their efforts to improve statewide maternal and infant healthcare and health outcomes. Learn which states are involved and the quality improvement principles to address gaps in care.

CDC is a leading resource for accurate information on diseases and prevention. Learn about the upcoming events, current outbreaks and emerging research and science.

NNPQC supports state-based perinatal quality collaboratives in making measurable improvements in statewide health care and health outcomes for mothers and babies. View the resources and online community.

DHMIC provides statewide leadership and coordination of efforts to prevent infant mortality and to improve the health of women of childbearing age and infants throughout Delaware. View the resource library and learn more about the consortium.

Delaware Thrives helps connect Delawareans with programs and resources through the life course approach to live healthier lives. When our babies and children thrive, we all are better off. Healthy women. Healthy babies. Healthy families. Healthy communities.

The FLPQC’s goal is to improve Florida’s maternal and infant health outcomes through the delivery of high quality, evidence-based perinatal care. Learn more about the collaborative and their past, present, and upcoming projects.

Hear Her Concerns encourages partners, friends, family members, coworkers, and providers — who support pregnant and postpartum women — to really listen when she tells you something doesn’t feel right. Acting quickly could help save her life.

California Perinatal Quality Collaborative is a statewide network to improve the quality care of infants throughout California. Review their website to learn more about what California is doing to tip the needle.

Dedicated to the improvement of women’s health, ACOG provides programs and education for health professionals and consumers. Review the latest information and updates in women’s health care.

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